Metal Detecting. Beach and Land Metal detecting!

Metal detecting uk. Beach and Land metal detecting.

This is a blog of my finds and experiences as a metal detector in the South East of England.

This blog features tips and advice for beginners, as well as being an archive of my most favourite finds and experiences as a metal detectorist around these parts. Excellent resource sites are also featured here.


Here are my reviews of the Cscope make of metal detectors.  Cscope are a local company to me, so it feels right to support them as a local business, as much as I can...

*Not only that, their customer service is second to none, and they are throughly nice chaps!

This page will be kept separate to the rest, and I will update it every time I do a review!

The CS4PI review:

I only got out for an hour with this detector when I did this review.  But the results were very positive!

The CS6MX review:

Here's my review of the CS6MX, on a snowy day!


And here is my first hunt with the 6MX:  CS6MX first hunt!

And here is the second hunt with the CS6MX:  CS6MX second hunt!

And here is an idea of tones concerning the CS6MX:  CS6MX Tones!

And now onto the CS4MX.  The detector that was released at the same time as the 6MX.

The CS4MX review:

And if you enjoyed that, and want to watch my first few hunts with the 4MX, check out these links:

First hunt with the 4MX:  CS4MX first hunt!

Second hunt with the CS4MX (Plus a Roman coin!):  CS4MX Second hunt!

And, the CS4MX Depth test:  CS4MX depth test!

And, another successful hunt with the 4MX (I love this machine!)  CS4MX third hunt!

I had a lot of fun with this Detector.  It's one I will be taking out a lot more in the future.  Here's a good purchase link:

Ok, and that brings us onto my CS3MX review!

CS3MX Review:

Now, this is the first review I ever did, so the camera quality is a bit ropey.  However, you can still see the power of this powerful, but affordable machine.  I run the 6MX now, but this machine will always be my trusted back up!

I won't add any more videos to this thread, as I didn't really start making them until recently.  However, some of my favourite times and finds have been made with the 3MX.  My first hammered.  My first bit of silver, plus much more!

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