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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Paul Barford doesn't want to discuss issues with Metal Detectorists

Paul is often telling us Metal Detectorists refuse to discuss the issues that he has with them.  He claims this over and over in his blog.  In this post here, I have invited Paul to have a Skype (a free, easy to use program) discussion (rather than text-based which is easily spun) in a reasonable and polite manner.

I won't be wearing a hooded top.

This is a sincere invitation, that was unfortunately ignored when he created a discussion regarding the post the invitation was in.

So again, I invite Paul to a friendly discussion.  All legal wrangling put to one side in the meantime.

1 comment:

  1. I find it quite interesting that he has made out that your blog suffers from malware so that his readers don't come out and check for themselves what you have said.

    I don't think he has cottoned on to the fact that the vast majority of his readers are metal detectorists checking up on what crap he is writing about them :)