Metal Detecting. Beach and Land Metal detecting!

Metal detecting uk. Beach and Land metal detecting.

This is a blog of my finds and experiences as a metal detector in the South East of England.

This blog features tips and advice for beginners, as well as being an archive of my most favourite finds and experiences as a metal detectorist around these parts. Excellent resource sites are also featured here.



Ok, here my friends and I go out beach Metal Detecting, to see how many coins we can find.  On top of that, we created the 'Coin Challenge'.  Who can get the most coins each hunt?  Who will come out on top?  Who's the luckiest git, and who has the most proficient beach machine?

Before we start the challenge, please take some time to have a look at my 'How to Detect Beaches' video, below.  I'm certainly no expert, but I've gathered a lot of information from different places, and put it into one easy to understand video.  Enjoy!

Ok, and onto the coin challenges videos!

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