Metal Detecting. Beach and Land Metal detecting!

Metal detecting uk. Beach and Land metal detecting.

This is a blog of my finds and experiences as a metal detector in the South East of England.

This blog features tips and advice for beginners, as well as being an archive of my most favourite finds and experiences as a metal detectorist around these parts. Excellent resource sites are also featured here.


Here are my metal detecting field hunts.  Hope you enjoy!

First hunt with the CS6MX:

Second hunt with the 6MX:

First hunt with the CS4MX:

Second hunt with the CS4MX + My first Roman coin!

Another great hunt with the 4MX:

Dragon claws and Roman curses!

A new season has started with the 6MX!

Never found this much stuff in one dig!

Check out this Silver ring!

Bit of Silver on our new land with Greg.

A Pasture hunt on Lukes land!


Wow!  Check out Marks Hammered gold!

Castles and Tokens

New Land, Yes!

Nearly hit by Golf ball on new land!

Gold at the end of the rainbow?

An Impromptu persuasion brings some great finds!

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